Basic English for PGSD Student

Samudrabiru – This module is carefully designed as a teaching learning material for Basic English for PGSD students in The Muhammadiyah University of Tangerang. This module consist of twelve units. 

Each unit is started with the definition of a topic with a clear concept. Then, the form and exercises to make this module easy to understand are available. We hope this module can help PGSD students in learning English. 

In addition, we are very grateful for all having contribution in existence of this module. Comments and criticism are fully needed, so that a succeeding edition may be an improvement.

Judul Buku : Basic English for PGSD Student
Penulis : Dayu Retno Puspita, M.Pd., dan Asih Rosnaningsih, M.Pd
Penerbit : Samudra Biru
Cetakan : I September 2017
Dimensi : viii + 58 hlm, 14 x 20 cm
Harga : Rp