English for Tourism

Samudrabiru – Recently, Indonesia is focusing on tourism as the most demanding sector to support the national economy. For this reason, it is badly needed for all stakeholders concern on the development of tourism program.

The tourism sector is a global industry, so that people who work in this industry should be able to master English language both written or spoken. One of the most important things can be done is preparing the human resources to be ready to have English skill. 

To supporting this ability it is needed resources such as books or CDs for learning English for tourism. Many books of English for tourism has been published in the market, but very little is discussing in the local culture tourism context. This book considers answering the demanding needs. 

The tourism stakeholders should learn the local culture so they can share the local culture with people around the world. 

Based on Banyuwangi local culture, this book provides the learners with the integrative skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) of English. The book has divided into eight aspects. 

The first is Warming up activity- leads the learners to be ready with the topics by reading a text or other activities, Matching word- provides the learners with vocabularies needed, Listening- gives the learners listening in the context of story, Language focus- teaches the learners to the specific grammar or language phrases, Meaningful spoken expressions- supply the learners with usefully phrases in English tourism. 

Copying dialog from listening- gives students role-model in speaking, Dialog presentation- enhances the learners to produce a dialog through the guiding of the example given, Assessment- review the learners achievement.

Hopefully, this book will be useful for stakeholders of tourism, especially to Banyuwangi tourism’s stakeholders in the aspect of improving the English language skill. So that, it will support the Indonesia tourism Industry. (Dana Yudha Kristiawan)

Judul Buku : English for Tourism
Penulis : Dana Yudha Kristiawan, M.Pd
Penerbit : Samudra Biru
Cetakan : I Januari 2018
Dimensi : viii + 62 hlm, 14,8 x 21 cm
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