Religion, Business Ethics & Technology Management

Samudrabiru – Thank God for the presence of Allah Almighty. May we always get guidance and guidance that is righteousness and able to achieve the happiness of life in the world. Shalawat also greetings remain poured to the Prophet Muhammad SAW the best servant of Allah SWT, family, friends, and his followers are always empty to the teachings he delivered.

The book in front of all readers is entitled “Religion, Business Ethics and Technology Management”. This book is a work of students of MMT Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya for all readers in Indonesia.

Not to forget, truly spoken to all stakeholders involved in this book. Especially for the publisher of Samudra Biru in Yogyakarta, the Big Boss and all the publishing teams. May be useful for the dear readers, in reinforcing and improving the business ethics motivation well and consequently. 

With all the attention and concern of the reader, the criticism and suggestions on this book are expected to be the next. May Allah Almighty bestows blessings upon us all, Amien.

Judul Buku : Religion, Business Ethics & Technology Management
Penulis : T. M. Harris P.
Penerbit : Samudra Biru
Cetakan : I April 2018
Dimensi : x + 197 hlm. ; 14,8 x 21 cm
Harga : Rp